• 1Creative Expression
    To encourage creative expression and original work within a structured curriculum that balances theory and practice, vision and planning, creativity and logic, art and technology
  • 2Individual Potential
    To encourage students to consider design in its widest possible context as making a contribution to an improved world and to consider their individual potential to be of service
  • 3Marketable Skills
    To provide students with marketable skills which enable them to obtain entry-level positions in interior design immediately following graduation, and to assist them in obtaining employment


We dedicated to creating interiors that reflect our client's personality and lifestyle, by capturing their design dreams and making them a reality. We are dedicated to listening to our clients in a professional manner and carrying out the design process until the desired product is achieved



Meet the


CEO and Head Designer | Decorator | Space Planner and Trendsetter

My name is Spiandi Dickson and my Interior decorating journey started 16 years ago when after school I went to go study B.Consumer Science Interior Retail Management at the University of Pretoria. During my final year I did my thesis on Upholstery and Soft Furnishings.  I also did a 1 Year Interior Diploma at the Pretoria School of Decorating.  Throughout these first 4 years of studies, I was exposed to a lot of different aspects of the Interior environment and how to apply attention to detail from the creative and creating aspects to the final product.  

After I completed my studies I went to go work for Wetherlys Furniture.  I started as a visual merchandiser, and then got promoted to branch manager, regional Visual Merchandiser and later in my career to Furniture and Accessories buyer for the brand. During that time, I worked thousands of hours doing everything related to the retail home ware sector, including visiting overseas home ware and furniture fares as well as importing home ware from overseas countries (India, Shanghai and Bangkok). 

After working for this Wetherlys group for 6 years, I went into lecturing Interior Design diploma at Damelin Educational  Institution.  During this time I was exposed to the Educational aspects of Interior Decorating and Design. 

After working for Damelin, I moved onto the supplying side of the furniture retail environment, where I worked for a company that imported 100 containers of accessories and kitchenware for Mr. Price Home on a monthly basis.  

After working for the imports company I moved back into the Educational side of the Interior Decorating and design industry.  I am still currently lecturing part time at Inscape Design College.

I have my own business called Cotton and Yarn Interiors and was established in 2012.  Cotton & Yarn Interiors is a one stop shop, where we have no limitations. Cotton & Yarn interior specialises in the manufacturing of custom made furniture, Interior Space planning, Curtains and Blind Manufacturing, Wallpaper, custom made furniture, upholstery and re-upholstery and Skill orientated Interior Decorating Workshops.

With this said, Cotton and Yarn Interiors is a systems driven Company that likes to work with structure and take note to attention to detail and delivery superb quality and customer service. Cotton and Yarn Interiors always follow through to ensure that quality and productivity standards of work are consistently and accurately maintained.  Cotton & Yarn Interiors is deadline driven and always prioritize client jobs in terms of urgency.