Interior Consulting Service

INTERIOR SERVICES - Design & Decorating

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present the way that we go about structuring a potential project.  First of all every single client of ours are important  and we as a company focus on individualism and uniqueness.

How do we go about a consultation with a client?

  1. We normally schedule a meeting to meet the client and view the site (do necessary measurements and take reference photo’s) – there will be a consultation fee this will be dependent on the client's requirements.
  2. During this meeting we establish what the client’s needs will be – client will have certain ideas or requirements.
  3. After the first meeting we go back to the drawing board and create a Mood board (electronic Power point slide show – that stays the property of our company until acceptance of our proposal) This power point slide show includes images of the different suggestions that we propose for the interior space.
  4. Second meeting will be scheduled with client to discuss the options showing the client an actual sample board (Power point slide show) and then if the client wants 3 D drawings of the selected options as well as a space plan we can arrange for the drawings at an additional cost – all depended on the size and requirements of the interior space.
  5. After confirmation have been received from client that the sample board is correct a quotation will be compiled according to the sizes, colours, finishes etc that has been discussed in the second meeting.
  6. The manufacturing of furniture etc. will only start after receiving an deposit payment and signed terms and conditions contract from the client.



  1. Interiors Renovation & Upgrades 
  2. Interior Space Planning and Furniture Layout
  3. Residential and Commercial Interior Design 
  4. Customised Furniture to your requirements.




  1. Space Analysis & Space Planning
  2. Selection Lighting
  3. Colours Analysis
  4. Conceptual Design
  5. Upholstery and Re-Upholstery
  6. Soft Furnishings and Accessories
  7. Manufacturing and Sourcing of Customised Furniture  
  8. Window Treatments and Blinds
  9. Turn Key Project Management
  10. Furniture Paint Techniques


Furniture design and 3 D drawings

  1. 3 Dimensional Rendered drawings for Residential and Interior spaces
  2. Furniture design and Interior Space Planning drawings
  3. Furniture Layout drawings



  1. Preliminary Research
  2. Budget Coordination
  3. Construction Management